Program Committee

Program Chairperson
Y. Doreen Chin, Shell E&P Inc.

Vice Chairperson
Dan McConnell, Fugro GeoConsulting, Inc.

Active Arena Chairperson
Gamal Hassan, ADH International

OTC Board Liaison
Art Schroeder, Energy Valley, Inc.


American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Chairperson: Buford Pollett, McDermott Middle East

Vice Chairperson: Eric C. Cauquil, Total

Committee members:
Michael Abrams, Apache Corp.
Robert Bruce, BHP Billiton
Randall Cooper, Marathon Oil
Kimberly L. Faulk, Geoscience Earth & Marine Svc
Gretchen Gillis, Aramco Services Company
Claudia P. Ludwig, Consultant
Bo McCarthy, Apache Corp.
Jamie Patrick-Maxwell, McDermott Inc.
Buford Pollett, McDermott Middle East
Sue Pritchett, Ikon Science Ltd
Nina M. Rach, E&P Magazine
R.C. Shipp, Shell Intl. E&P Co.
James A. Thomson, BP plc
Stephen Wardlaw, Fugro GeoConsulting Inc.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Chairperson: George Montgomery IV

Vice Chairperson: Shawn S. Huang, ConocoPhillips Co

Committee members:
A.J. Belardinelli, Chevron Global Upstream
John J. Buckles, Chevron ETC
Joe Cramer, AIChE
Michael J. Economides, University of Houston
Arnis Judzis, Schlumberger
Phaneendra Kondapi, University of Houston
Gene Kouba, Chevron ETC
Lindsay M. Laskowski, Chevron
Peter Metcalf, J.P. Kenny Ltd
Louisa Nara, AIChE
John Nighswander, Schlumberger
Syamal Poddar, Poddar & Assoc
Art J. Schroeder, Jr., Energy Valley Inc.
John S. Smart, John Smart Consulting Engineers
Hariprasad J. Subramani, Chevron ETC
Ian Sutton, Sutton Technical Books

American Society of Civil Engineers

Chairperson: David Barton, Granherne, Inc

Vice Chairperson: Thomas Miller, Chevron Corp.

Committee members:
Puneet Agarwal, Stress Engineering Services
Gene Berek, Exxon Mobil Corporation
Subir Bhattacharjee, ExxonMobil Production
James S. Chitwood, Shell International Ltd.
Ian Chu, Kellogg Brown & Root
James E. Dailey, Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants, Inc
Ron de Jong, Technip
Matt Ferrell, Williams
Joseph Gebara, Bechtel Oil, Gas & Chemicals
Patrick J. Hudson, CTL Group
Philippe Jeanjean, BP America
Joe Kallaby, Offshore Structures Inc.
Eduardo Mascorro, Mustang Engineering
Jason Newlin, Shell Oil Co.
Philip Poll, Houston Offshore Engineering
Daniel R. Spikula, Geoscience Earth & Marine Svc
Gordon H. Sterling, Independent Consultant
John S. Templeton III, Sage USA Inc
David J. Wisch, Chevron ETC
Alan G. Young, Geoscience Earth & Marine Svc

ASME International Petroleum Technology Institute

Chairperson: Jean-Francois Saint-Marcoux, Subsea 7

Vice Chairperson: Barbara L. Thompson, AkerSolutions

Committee members:
Jennifer M. Bell, Arizona State University
Christie L. Brown, Chevron Upstream & Gas
David Bruton, Crondall Energy
Jack Bullock, Subsea 7
Charles C. Burton, Chevron
Phil Collins, Bechtel Oil Gas Chemicals
Ian Frazer, GL Noble Denton
Thomas P. Kelly, FMC Technologies, Inc.
Philip Kokel, Schlumberger Reservoir Completions Center
Glenn E. MacDonald, Stress Subsea, Inc.
Egidio Marotta, FMC Technologies
Fraser J. McMaster, Chevron Corp.
Meghan E. Hull, BP America Inc.
Vicki Niesen, GL Noble Denton
Armando Rebello, Stress Subsea, Inc.
Katrina Ridley, Shell Intl. E&P Co.
Brian E. Schwind, Petroleum Professionals International
Sanjay Sinha, Chevron Corp.
Luis H. Tapia, Statoil
David H. Theiss, Cameron
Hieu Tran, Jacobs
Scott Vining, Bechtel Corporation
Robert K. Voss, GE Oil & Gas
Alistair Warwick, Atkins Consulting LLC
Michael Williams, FMC Technologies
George Wolfe, Southwest Research Institute

Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute (IBP)

Chairperson: Luiz Souza, Petrobras

Vice Chairperson: Marcos Morais, Petrobras

Committee members:
Ibere Alves, Petrobras
Flavio Moraes, Petrobras
Cezar Paulo, Petrobras
Orlando Ribeiro, Petrobras

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers–Oceanic Engineering Society

Chairperson: Hanie Elshahaw, Shell
Vice Chairperson: Cornelia Noel, Shell

Committee members:
Syed Ali, Schlumberger
Francois Auzerais, Schlumberger
Claude Brancart, NextFish
James Candy, Lawrence Livermore Natl. Lab
C. David Chadwell, Scripps Inst. of Oceanography
Pierre-Alain Delaittre, Total Technology Specialists
Kenneth Foote, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Phil Grossweiler, M&H Energy Services
Daniel Hanes, Marisys, Inc.
Gamal Hassan, ADH International
Hanaey Ibrahim, Petroleum Development Oman
V. William Porto, Natural Selection, Inc.
Michael Romer, ExxonMobil
Arlette Ruiz, International Biocides and Environmental Affairs
Marie Teixeira, Shell
Mirvais Yousefi, Photonics Sensing Solutions

Marine Technology Society

Chairperson: Lisa Medeiros, Geospace Offshore

Vice Chairperson: James M. Pappas, Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America

Committee members:
Majid M. Al-Sharif, Helix Energy Solutions Group
Jayesh Antani, Enbridge Offshore Pipelines LLC
Re-Anna R. Bell, Chevron Corp.
John G. Bomba, Genisis Oil & Gas
Kerry J. Campbell, Fugro GeoConsulting, Inc.
Stephen (Doug) Devoy, Consultant
Izabela K. Gruen, Exmar
Colin Johnston, Helix Energy Solutions Group Inc
Sandor Karpathy, Stress Subsea, Inc.
Sandeep Khurana, Noble Energy
William Lawton, Consultant
Jim Leavens, Soape & Associates, APC
Aimee Marsh, EICUK (Houston)
Jason McClure, Chevron Corp.
Steve Racca, MacDermid Offshore Solutions
Chris Ross, CRA International Inc
Will Rowley, Acteon Group Ltd
Eric N. Smith, Tulane University
Tere R. Sonne, Genisis Oil & Gas
Jason Stanley, Tidewater Inc

Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Chairperson: Charles Knobloch, Arnold, Knobloch & Saunders

Vice Chairperson: Rocco Detomo, Shell International E&P Inc.

Committee members:
Kidane Araya, Consultant
Aurora Castelan, Schlumberger
Ashwani Dev, University of Texas Dallas
Dan Heinze, Ximotion LLP
Jim Kreamer, Weinman Geoscience
Ali Mese, Geomechanics Engineering & Research
Larry Scott, Global Geophysical Services Inc
Joe Sonnier, Swift Energy Operating LLC
Wei Yang, University of Texas at Austin

Society of Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration

Chairperson: John Wiltshire, University of Hawaii

Vice Chairperson: Greg Easson, University of Mississippi

Committee members:
Gregory Abramov, Borehole Mining International
Robin Buchannon, University of Mississippi
Michael Cruickshank, MMTC Associates
Julien Denegre, Mining & Metals, Nuclear and Defense Department
Eunhye Kim, University of Utah
Ziv Lang, California Air Resources Board
Charles Morgan, Planning Solutions, Inc.
George Moridis, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Unviersity of California
George Richardson, Energy Consultant

Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

Chairperson: Darrel Harvey, Alan C. McClure Associates

Vice Chairperson: Donald D. Burris, Alan C. McClure Associates

Committee members:
Shiladitya Basu, Granherne Inc.
Andres Chapa, Alan C. McClure Associates
Craig Colby, Diamond Offshore Drilling
Terry Hickey, ABS Maritime Services
Tomasz Matlak, Schlumberger
Roald (Ro) Lokken, ExxonMobil
Xiaochuan Yu, IntecSEA
Xinshu Zhang, GVA

Society of Petroleum Engineers

Chairperson: Gregory J. Carter, Nautilus Offshore Company

Vice Chairperson: Alvaro Negrao, Chevron

Committee members:
Ayad Al-Kandari, Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)
John E. Barnes, Universal Pegasus Intl
Russell I. Bayh, Halliburton
Earl Claiborne, Chevron Corp.
Anne Courbot, TOTAL E&P, SCR/RD
J.C. Cunha, Ecopetrol America Inc.
James Curtis, Baker Hughes
Frederic Garnaud, Total
Thomas L. Gee, Weatherford International Ltd.
Einar Haugen, Statoil
Svein B. Hellesmark, 7 Seas Oil & Gas Group LLC
Neil P. Kavanagh, Woodside Energy Ltd.
Marcus H. Krekel, Exmar
Lisa Li, Baker Hughes, Gulf of Mexico
Fernando Machado, Petrobras
Robert D. Mccavitt, Chevron Corp.
Marcos Guedes G. Morais, Petrobras
Greg Navarre, Horton Wison Deepwater
Brian D. Noel, ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc.
Kevin Renfro, Anadarko Petroleum Corp.
Orlando J. Ribeiro, Petrobras America Inc.
Jean-Francois Saint-Marcoux, Subsea 7
Thomas R. Sifferman, ETTP Consulting
Lee M. Smith, Alaskan Energy Resources Inc.
Han J. Tiebout, SBM Offshore N.V.
Richard E. Westney, Westney Consulting Group
R.J. Wetzel, Chevron Corp.
Flora Yiu, Anadarko
Chengwu Yuan, BP
Robert Ziegler, Petronas

The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society

Chairperson: Mark Kalman, DeepFlex

Vice Chairperson: Greg Kusinski, Chevron

Committee members:
Adrian Connaire, Wood Group Kenny
Rick Hill, Universal Pegasus
Peter Huang, Subsea Engineering Inc.
Kieran Kavanagh, Wood Group Kenny
Xingbo Liu, West Virginia University
Weihong Meng, Genesis
Carlos Moreira, Genesis
Patrick O'Brien, ITF Energy
Jeff O'Donnell, Technip
Sandeep Patni, Shell
Indranil Roy, Schlumberger Materials Engineering and ETG
Ruxin Song, DMAR Engineering, Inc.
Liang Yu, DeepFlex
Jeff Zhang, Clearview Subsea

Networking Events Committee

Chairperson: Laurent Poncet, Statoil

Committee members:
Nathan Hartwig, Cameron
Natalie Higdem
Anniken Hoelsaeter
Dean Krajinovic, GE Oil & Gas
Alma Quintero, Pemex
Sergio Roman, Pemex