Spotlight on New TechnologySM Award Winner

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FMC Technologies

ISOL-8 Pump
Booth 1941

FMC-ISOFMC Technologies Schilling Robotics has developed an isolated pump—ISOL-8 Pump—that enables secondary intervention for BOPs in compliance with API Standard 53. The ISOL-8 Pump is tightly integrated with FMC’s UHD III Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), and uniquely meets the 45 second requirement for closing BOP shear rams.  The ISOL-8 Pump consists of independent pistons synchronized with software control.  Flexible configuration allows optimization for a variety of demands and can simultaneously provide up to 50gpm at 5,000psi. Compared to existing industry solutions, this system is depth insensitive and can save operators up to $4-million per rig.