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OTC is pleased to provide you with quick access to important information regarding your exhibit booth. We encourage you to review the contents of the Exhibitor Services Manual carefully. 

New for 2014

  • Island and peninsula booths situated across the aisle from linear space must now submit drawings to OTC show management for review.

  • Exhibitors may purchase a limited number of Parking Permits for use during show days through Reliant Park Exhibitor Services. Please reserve early.

  • Safety is a high priority for OTC and in reviewing our policies we have added the following mandate:

    • No open-toe shoes are permitted on the exhibit floor during move-in and move-out

    • This rule is put in place for your safety, as the exhibit floor is considered a construction zone during installation and dismantling. Please communicate this policy with all of your colleagues and contractors who may be on the exhibit floor during these times. Anyone with open-toe shoes will be turned away at the door or asked to leave the exhibit floor immediately.


  1. Please note: Exhibitor parking permits are no longer available.

  2. Reliant Park Exhibitor Services are consolidated online to make it easier for you to order.  Services which will now be ordered through Reliant Park Exhibitor Services include Electric, Plumbing and Compressed Air, Catering, Security, Cleaning and Parking.

  3. Exhibitors (or their EAC) who ignore repeated verbal/written warning by OTC Show Management of a violation(s) of the Rules and Regulations, will lose 5 priority points. If an exhibitor is cited for more than 2 offenses, the exhibitor will forfeit 30 priority points. Contracted Exhibitors are responsible for the actions of their co-exhibitors and their EACs. 

  4. There will be NO installation permitted on Sunday, 4 May. Installation of exhibits must be complete by 1700 hours on Saturday, 3 May. No exceptions.

  5. If your multi-level booth uses the exact same design as in 2013, the Fire Marshall will accept a notarized letter on company letterhead to that affect in lieu of re-submitting the design specs.

Tool Kit

  1. Budgeting
  2. Deadline Checklist
  3. Staff Scheduling
  4. Exhibitor’s Guide to Publicity
  5. First Timers Article
  6. Rogers Worldwide Newsletter
  7. Reducing Your Footprint

Please note:

Experient is the official housing contractor for OTC. If you are contacted by Convention Housing Services, EPMS (Event Promotional Marketing Services), IEP Group or any other company saying that our block is sold out, and they can help you book rooms, the information is not true.


Exhibit Information

General Information

Exhibit Information for Specific Areas

Reliant Center

Reliant Arena

OTC Parkway (Reliant Outdoor)

OTC Pavilion

Exhibit Notification Forms

The following forms that pertain to your exhibit must be submitted to OTC Management by the deadline date.

Please note:

Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the Exhibit Area during installation and dismantle. Children under the age of 15 are not permitted in the Exhibit Area during official show hours.


Marketing Programs

Exhibitor Listing

  • Login and create your complimentary online and printed exhibitor listing for the Conference Program by 14 February 2014.
  • Enhance your online listing by adding up to three product descriptions and photos.
  • For questions, contact Denise Startz at +1.972.952.1129 or dstartz@otcnet.org.

Marketing Resources

Find Advertising & Sponsorship Information

Other Advertising Opportunities

Exhibitor Invites Program

  1. Create your own customized email campaign or web invite link to invite guests to attend.
  2. There is no charge to invite your guests. You are charged only for guests that register  through the Guest Card Invite Program.
  3. 1-Day (USD 15.00) and Multi-Day Pass (USD 50.00) available. Maximum charge per exhibitor is USD 3000.00 based on registered guests.
  4. To get started, go to Exhibitor Invites »
  5. Please note: Guest invites are not for employees of the exhibiting company.
  6. Get current information on guests that have registered from your invitation. View registered guests.
  7. Have questions? View the Exhibitor Invites FAQs page

Order Pre-Show Promotions and Lead Retrieval

Exhibit Services

Decorator and Labor Contractor 

Freeman is the official decorator and labor contractor. Contact Freeman for the following services:

  • Furnishings
  • Installation and dismantling labor
  • Modular exhibit rentals
  • Signs and graphics
  • Display & Rigging Labor

Order services online: Visit Freeman Online to place orders directly.

Or order services by email or fax:

  • Find individual forms and download from the column to the right.
  • Complete the required forms.
  • Include Method of Payment form with all orders.
  • Submit hard copy forms to Freeman by fax/email. 

Order forms sent to OTC Management will not get processed or forwarded.

Official Contractor Services

To ensure smooth installation, dismantling and operation during the Exhibition, OTC has appointed Official Contractors. Some services are restricted and must be provided by an Exclusive OTC Contractor. 

A list of these services and providers are found in the General Regulations and are designated as an Exclusive Contractor on the Official Contractors List.

  • If you plan to use an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC), you must submit a Work Authorization Request Form (WAR) no later than 18 March 2014.
  • Upon receipt of a Work Authorization Request Form, OTC Management will send the required paperwork to the appointed EAC. The packet includes:
    • EAC Agreement
    • Sample of Insurance Requirements
    • Key On-Site Personnel Form
    • Invoice for EAC fee
  • For EAC personnel to be allowed on the floor to service the exhibit booths, all paperwork and fees must be received no later than 8 April 2014.
  • For complete details see the 2014 OTC Exhibit Regulations and the Work Authorization Request Instructions.

Utilities and Other Booth Services

Material Handling Freight Services

Freeman is the exclusive contractor that controls and supervises delivery and freight truck access to Reliant Park, assignments and usage of loading docks, and the Teamsters Union Labor responsible for the loading and unloading of freight shipments.  All carriers must check in with Freeman.

To use Material Handling Freight Services

  1. Review Shipping Information.
  2. Fill out and submit the required forms for Shipping and Material Handling found in the Freeman Exhibit Transportation Services and Material Handling Forms.
  3. Download directions to the Marshalling Yard.

Shipping Timeline

Freeman will accept advance warehouse shipments beginning Monday, 31 March 2014. Ensure materials arrive by Wednesday, 23 April 2014 to avoid additional after-deadline charges. Shipments directly to the exhibit facility will be received beginning Tuesday, 29 April at 0800 hours.

Target Move-in

The Target Move-in is the date your shipment should be to your booth.

Please refer to the map for your respective area to determine your target move-in date.

Privately Owned Vehicle (POV)

OTC allows exhibitors to use a privately owned vehicle for move-in and move-out. Privately Owned Vehicles (POV) are defined as cars, pick-up trucks, vans, small trailers, and other trucks less than 12 feet.

If you intend to use the POV Express Program, be sure to follow the procedures provided for your exhibit location. Please note that there must be two people in the car if you are going to unload your exhibit material yourself. Once unloaded, parking will not be permitted. Vehicles may not be left unattended.

International Shipping Services

Rogers Worldwide will provide international freight forwarding services and customs brokerage. OTC 2014 has been designated as an International Trade Fair and all freight entering the United States must go through US Customs.

To ensure your materials arrive in a timely manner, refer to the International Freight Forwarding & Customs Exhibitor Kit from Rogers Worldwide. The FAQs sheet contains valuable information about international shipping you will find helpful as well.

Please note that none of the courier companies will custom clear into the US without a valid tax identification number and a customs bond. If the weight of the shipment via a courier is too big and it arrives late, you will have trouble getting the shipment to the show.

Shipments must be consigned to Reliant Park Convention Center. OTC will not provide a tax identification number if the shipment is improperly consigned.

Registration and Hotel Information

In order to register online, you will need to enter your OTC Company Number which can be found on OTC correspondence regarding exhibit space.

Exhibitor Registration

Exhibit Sales & Staff Contacts

Contact us if you have any questions:

Barbara Katz
Exhibits Manager



Denise Startz
Exhibits Administrator



Mary Ann Outarsingh
Exhibits Administrator



Exhibitor Hotline


Joan Payne
Exhibition Sales Mgr., Americas
(Companies from A-E)



Jason Plotkin
Sales Representative
(Companies from F-Pd)



Kirk Colligan
Sales Representative
(Companies from Pe-Z)