Technical Program

Thursday, 8 May



A Look-Back at Offshore Megaprojects

As the size, complexity, difficulty, and risk of offshore developments continue to increase, it is important to look back at the industry’s experience with these mega-projects. While offshore technical capabilities continue to advance, the ability to plan, execute, and operate these mega-facilities has struggled to keep pace. Our ability to learn from experience and continuously improve is a key success factor as developments continue into more challenging technical and operational environments. This panel will bring together executives from major players in global deep-water developments to discuss experiences and learnings in three categories: technical, development, and operational.

Session Moderator:

Richard E. Westney, Westney Consulting Group, Inc.


Tom Ayers Tom Ayers
Gary Wayne Fischer Gary Wayne Fischer
Chevron Project Resources Company
Bob John Buck Bob John Buck
Anadarko Petroleum Corp
Thursday, 8 May



Offshore Brownfield Rejuvenation

Session Chairpersons:

Robert Dean McCavitt, Chevron Corporation; John Ernest Barnes, UniversalPegasus International Inc

The Offshore Brownfield Rejuvenation session will provide experiences with field life extension as well as provide various techniques and case histories on maximizing value of mature producing assets. Some specific topics include the structural integrity assessment of FPSO life extension and relocation and ESP gas handling technology to increase oil production.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1422 25082 icon:PFC Experience from Field Life Extension
E. Tveit, H. Sivertsen, S. Hernæs, FMC Technologies
1422-1444 25105 icon:RDD Comprehensive Adjustment Techniques Based on Detailed Oil Distribution Enhance Oil Recovery at Mature Offshore Field
L. Tingli, Y. Wang, X. Liao, C. Zhao, Q. Yang, Y. Su, Y. Hu, W. Qin, Y. Xu, X. Bie, C. Liu, J. Su, Y. Zhang, R. Fu, D. Yu, W. Zhang, CNOOC
1444-1506 25324 icon:PO ESP Gas Handling Technology Increases Oil Production Over 100% in a Mature Reservoir in the Gulf of Mexico: A Case History
A.H. Cardona, S.C. Fry, Baker Hughes Inc; R.R. O'Quinn, Baker Hughes
1506-1528 25141 icon:MI Extending Wealth Creation Through Effective Project Management Strategy In The Oil And Gas Industry
P.I. Ibe, Technology Experts LLC
1528-1550 25227 icon:DC Project Management, Local Content and Value Delivery
F.E. Idachaba, Covenant University Ota; E. Wokoma, Shell Petroleum Development Company
1550-1612 25311 icon:PO Structural Integrity Assessment of FPSO Life Extension and Relocation
X. Wang, H. Sun, ABS; S. Lee, Chevron
Thursday, 8 May



Offshore Pipelines

Session Chairpersons:

John G. Bomba, Technip; Jason McClure, Chevron Products Co.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1422 Invited Presenter - Opening Keynote: Neil Mackintosh
N. Mackintosh, Genesis
1422-1444 25124 icon:PFC Post-installed Mudmat
E. Fontaine, AMOG Consulting, Melbourne; S. Dilosquer, subsea 7
1444-1506 25087 icon:PFC Formulating Guidance on Hydrotesting Deepwater Oil and Gas Pipelines
F. Kopp, Shell Intl. E&P BV; R.R. Ayers, Stress Engineering Services
1506-1528 25175 icon:PFC Middle East India Deepwater Pipeline (MEIDP) crossing of the Indus Fan
I.F. Nash, Peritus International Ltd
1528-1550 25186 icon:PFC Earthquake Response of Pipelines on Submarine Slopes
A.M. Kaynia, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute; P. Dimmock, BP Exploration; M. Senders, Woodside Energy Ltd.
1550-1612 25211 icon:PFC Challenges of Lowering a Live Subsea Buried Gas Pipeline by 6m
N.I. Thusyanthan, OIS Ltd; K.A. Willaims, Vision oil and Gas; T. Selwood, OIS Ltd; P. Smith, NCS Survey Ltd; S. Jegandan, INTECSEA; D.J. Robert, Monash University
1612-1630 25265 icon:PFC Field Development using Semisubmersible Floating Production System with Steel Catenary Risers in Western Australia Harsh Environment
A.M. Mansour, S. Bhat, D.R. Pasala, D. Kumar, INTECSEA, WorleyParsons Group
Thursday, 8 May



Subsea Power: Subsea Electrical Power Distribution

Session Chairpersons:

Glenn E. Macdonald, Oceaneering International, Inc.; Marcelo Bromberg, Aerojet Rocketdyne - Extreme Engineering

The Subsea Electrical Power Distribution session encompasses distribution system architecture, active production technology, protection systems for the field, field expansion, choice of type of power (AC or DC), and connector technology. These papers will explore current field and architecture system, as well as, potential future generation of power distribution.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1422 25314 icon:PFC Advances in Power Feedthrough Connector Technology for HP ESP Applications
A. Nicholson, OneSubsea
1422-1444 25171 icon:PFC Investigation of Next Generation Subsea Power Distribution System Architectures
Y. Duan, FMC Technologies Inc; W. Forrest, X. Li, H. Ulvestad, FMC Technologies
1444-1506 25329 icon:PFC How Subsea Constraints Influence Design Choices for Protection Systems
T. Hazel, P. Andrea, D. Goulielmakis, Schneider Electric
1506-1528 25278 icon:PFC Hybrid “Split” VFD Poses to Significantly Extend Subsea Processing Tieback Distance
R.W. Voight, INTECSEA Engineering
1528-1550 25320 icon:PFC Operation Of Subsea Electrical Power Systems
N. Soelvik, A.M. Askeland, OneSubsea
1550-1612 25263 icon:PFC A Modular Subsea DC Electrical Power System
R. Lai, D. Zhang, D. Dong, S. Chi, M. Harfman Todorovic, GE Global Research; G. Ranjan, GE Globla Research; L. Garces, GE Global Research; S. Gunturi, GE Transportation; R. Datta, T. Wijekoon, GE Global Research; C. Sihler, GE Globar Research; S.E. Rocke, GE Oil & Gas - Subsea; K.M. Elgsaas, GE Oil & Gas; E. Savarit, A. Arungalai, GE Power Conversion; J. Song-manguelle, ExxonMobil; J.M. Pappas, RPSEA
1612-1630 25129 icon:PFC Li-Ion Batteries for Energy Storage and Hybrid Power: Safety and Suitability Considerations for Offshore Applications
D.M. Hill, DNV; B. Gully, A. Agarwal, DNV GL
Thursday, 8 May



Offshore Wind and Wave Energy

Session Chairpersons:

James Elvin Dailey, Technip Offshore Inc.; Ziv Lang, California Air Resources Board

This session highlights important developments in research and application of offshore wind and wave energy.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1422 Invited Presenter - Opening Keynote: Greg Matzat
G. Matzat, U.S. Department of Energy
1422-1444 25146 icon:PFC Wave Energy Research, Development and Testing Including Testing of Materials and Technologies for Bio-Fouling and Corrosion Prevention
A. Von Jouanne, J. Baker, S. Yim, Oregon State University; E. Amon, OSU; S. Moran, T. Lettenmaier, Oregon State University; M. Bunn, A. Yokochi, OSU
1444-1506 25397 icon:PFC Numerical Simulation of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Including Aero-Elasticity and Active Blade Pitch Control
B. Wilder, Texas A&M University At Galveston; B. Sweetman, Texas A&M University
1506-1528 25229 icon:PFC Implications Of New Code Versions To Pile Fatigue Assessment
J. Chung, R. Wallerand, M. Helias-Brault, Subsea 7
1528-1550 25284 icon:PFC Wind-powered Subsea Water Injection Pumping: Technical and Economic Feasibility
J. Slätte, J. Sandberg, T.A. Flach, G. Dekker, C. Sixtensson, DNV GL
1550-1612 25148 icon:MI Wave Energy Converter (WEC) - Formulation of Numerical Method to Predict Fluid-Structure Interaction and Wave Energy Potential
J. Gullaksen, JG Maritime Engineering Ltd.
1612-1630 25156 icon:PFC In Depth Cost of Energy Analysis of East Coast Offshore Wind Farms
C. Drenick, I. Prowell, D.K. Dolan, MMI Engineering
Thursday, 8 May



Modeling and Laboratory Studies for Methane Hydrates

Session Chairpersons:

George J. Moridis, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory; Prasad Uday Karanjkar, Conocophillips Corporate Contributions

Methane hydrates do not follow conventional gas development models. This session will consider current numerical simulations and lab studies to better understand this future resource.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1422 Invited Presenter - Opening Keynote: Carolyn Koh
C. Koh, Colorado School of Mines
1422-1444 25155 icon:DC Assessing Well Integrity using Numerical Simulation of Wellbore Stability During Production in Gas Hydrate Bearing Sediments
X. Long, K. Tjok, Fugro GeoConsulting Inc.; C.S. Wright, Chevron Indonesia Company; A. Witthoeft, Fugro GeoConsulting Inc.
1444-1506 25169 icon:PO Numerical Study on Eastern Nankai Trough gas Hydrate Production Test
M. Zhou, K. Soga, X. Ermao, University of Cambridge; S. Uchida, Technion- Israel Institute of Technology; K. Yamamoto, Japan Oil, Gas & Metals Natl. Corp.
1506-1528 25208 icon:DC Numerical Analysis Of Wellbore Behaviour during Methane Gas Recovery from Hydrate Bearing Sediments
E. Xu, K. Soga, M. Zhou, University of Cambridge; K. Yamamoto, Japan Oil, Gas & Metals Natl. Corp.; S. Uchida, Technion- Israel Institute of Technology Haifa
1528-1550 25237 icon:PFC An Experimental Study for Flow Assurance of the Methane Hydrate Production Test System
S. Sakurai, Y. Nakatsuka, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation; T.J. Edwards, B.J. Hoskin, D.K. Manning, Oilfield Production Technologies
1550-1612 25185 icon:RDD Experimental Study On Compression Indices Of Gas Hydrate-bearing Sediments
H. Kim, G. Cho, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
1612-1630 Invited Presenter - Closing Comments - George Moridis
G.J. Moridis, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Thursday, 8 May



Underwater Monitoring Network: Strategy and Case Studies

Session Chairpersons:

Eric Charles Cauquil, Total; James Michael Strout, Norwegian Geotechnical Inst.

The aim of this session is to evaluate the actual maturity of the different available or under development strategies and technologies related to underwater monitoring networks.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1422 25103 icon:HSE Gap analysis for the development of a Geohazard Monitoring and Warning System
E.C. Cauquil, Total
1422-1444 25221 icon:PFC The Devil Is In The Details - Lessons Learned From Design Failures In Underwater Monitoring Systems
J. Strout, P.M. Sparrevik, NGI (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute)
1444-1506 25341 icon:HSE Designing a Permanent Underwater Monitoring Network For Leak Detection
J.M. Strout, P.M. Sparrevik, S. Hayes, Y. Kvistedal, D. Tollefsrud, NGI (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute)
1506-1528 25116 icon:RDD Challenges, Benefits And Solutions In Holistic Oil Field Monitoring.
H. Brandsaeter, OCTIO AS
1528-1550 25151 icon:HSE Long Term Deepwater Environmental Monitoring Off Angola - Data Management Strategy
A.H. Walls, J. Clarke, S. Oliveira, R. OBrien, BP; K. Smith, MBARI; I. Priede, University of Aberdeen Oceanlab; M. Vardaro, Oregon State University; G. Rowe, Texas A&M; D. Bailey, Glasgow University; H. Ruhl, NOC; B. Sangolay, INIP
1550-1612 25417 icon:PFC Canada’s Cabled Ocean Observatories
K. Moran, Ocean Networks Canada; S. McLean, Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre
1612-1630 25346 icon:HSE Underwater Monitoring Network
A. Brevik, Kongsberg Maritime SUBSEA

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