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Tuesday, 6 May



Global Energy Outlook: Shaping the Future!

The recent global financial crisis has brought about a significant deterioration in near-term energy demand and a consequential reduction in supply which has possible longer-term implications. Secondly, climate change considerations and greater regulation of the energy mix are also on the horizon. The combination of these – one being a mega event and the other a mega trend – has already had significant near-term impact on the oil and gas sector and could also lead to a fundamental transformation in the long-term. Even with the projected reduction of carbon in the energy mix, it is expected that the level of energy demand in 2050 will be such that it will require similar levels of oil and gas production as today. Since oil and gas production declines naturally, sustaining it to 2050 effectively requires re-building the equivalent of today’s oil and gas business over the next 40 years – and doing so from more technically challenging deposits. At the same time, the world increasingly desires lower carbon energy. Governments and industry are responding. A rapid transition to green energy will likely prompt the introduction of more green incentives and increased regulation of fossil fuels. This in turn could lead to an increase in the total cost of energy, since most renewable energy options are inherently more expensive to scale up than energy derived from fossil fuels. All of this raises key questions. What are the desirable energy mix and transition pathways which will provide the world with affordable, secure and increasingly lower-carbon energy?

Session Moderator:

Gamal A. Hassan, ADH International


William Flores William Flores
U.S. House of Representatives
Gustavo Hernández-Garcia Gustavo Hernández-Garcia
Christopher Smith Christopher Smith
Department of Energy
David Ramsay David Ramsay
Government of the Northwest Territories
Michael S. Bohorich Michael S. Bohorich
Tuesday, 6 May



HP/HT Challenges

Session Chairpersons:

Yu Lisa Li, Baker Hughes (Nederland) BV; Cornelia Deann Noel, Shell

Finding and producing new HC reserves involves contending with increasingly harsh environments. Attractive new prospects such as deepwater high-pressure wells in the GoM and the growing use of thermal recovery techniques have dramatically increased the requirement for HPHT technology.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 25321 icon:PO Ultra-High Strength Proppant Developed for Deep, Offshore Completions
T.T. Palisch, R.J. Duenckel, CARBO Ceramics, Inc.; B.A. Wilson, CARBO Ceramics
0952-1014 25121 icon:DC A Drill Stem Well Testing Design for Extreme HP/HT Exploration Wells
F. Milenkovic, N. Suryana Bt Nik Khansani, Petronas; Z. Kadir, PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd
1014-1036 25207 icon:RDD Innovative Positioning of Downhole Pressure Gauges Close to Perforations in HPHT Slim Well during a Drillstem Test
V. Kumar, Schlumberger; A. AlNahdi, H. Gill, Saudi Aramco; P. Karunakaran, I. Sid, W. Azem, Schlumberger
1036-1058 25343 icon:DC High-Pressure High-Temperature Fluids Modeling: One of the Crucial Keys to Ultra-Deep Gas Drilling
A. Seddighin, Baker Hughes Ltd
1058-1120 25352 icon:PO Design Method and LRFD for HPHT Subsea Equipment for Extreme and Survival Load Conditions
P.D. Pathak, S.L. Taylor, OneSubsea
1120-1142 25100 icon:DC New Kinetic Model to Characterize the Filter Cake Formation and Fluid Loss in HPHT Process
C. Vipulanandan, University of Houston -CIGMAT; B. Basirat, University of Houston - CIGMAT; A. Raheem, CIGMAT- University of Houston; A. Mohammed, CIGMAT-University of Houston; D.A. Richardson, RPSEA
1142-1200 25074 icon:DC Innovative Kick Detection System for HP/HT Ultradeepwater Wells Using a Section of the BHA
P.P. Trivedi, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum Universtiy
Tuesday, 6 May



Flow Assurance Technologies - Advances and Applications

Session Chairpersons:

Phaneendra Babu Kondapi, University of Houston; Barbara Louise Thompson, Aker Solutions

This session will cover newer technologies and different perspectives on the flow assurance applications on a broader spectrum, presented by authors from various subsea organizations and educational institutes.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 25294 icon:PFC On the Development of an Enhanced Method to Predict Asphaltene Precipitation
F. Vargas, M. Garcia-Bermudes, M. Boggara, Rice University; S. Punnapala, Abu Dhabi Co. Onshore Oil Opn.; M.I. Abutaqiya, TAKREER; N.T. Mathew, S. Prasad, A. Khaleel, M.H. Al Rashed, H.Y. Al Asafen, The Petroleum Institute
0952-1014 25439 icon:PFC New Hydrate Anti-agglomerant Formulation for Offshore Flow Assurance and Oil Capture
M. Sun, Reservoir Engineering Research Institute; A. Firoozabadi, Reservoir Engr. Research Inst.
1014-1036 25428 icon:PFC Flow Assurance Issues Related to Flexible Riser and Pipeline System Configuration
L. Yu, S. Mohammad, S.A. Bufton, M. Li, INTECSEA
1036-1058 25283 icon:PFC Flow Assurance Indicators for the Design of Long Subsea Tiebacks
E. Zakarian, J. Morgan, Woodside Energy Ltd
1058-1120 25162 icon:PFC Need for Industry Ready Education: Flow Assurance Course - A Case Study
P.B. Kondapi, University of Houston
1120-1142 25107 icon:PFC Active Heating for Life of Field Flow Assurance
P. McDermott, Subsea7; R. Sathananthan, Subsea 7
1142-1200 25382 icon:PFC Pumping Hydrate Slurries in the Arctic: A Different Perspective
B. Abulnaga, B. Woods, Fluor Corporation; C.N. Prescott, Fluor Enterprises Inc; A. Mantha, Fluor Corporation
Tuesday, 6 May



Materials for Extreme Environments

Session Chairpersons:

Indranil Roy, Schlumberger; Greg Kusinski, Chevron

This session focuses on the science and technology of advanced materials; addressing the new materials related challenges associated with hardware employed in developing HPHT reservoirs.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 25304 icon:RDD New Polymeric Materials Development for Extreme Enviroments
R.R. Callaway, Greene, Tweed & Company; K. Drake PhD, Greene Tweed & Co.
0952-1014 25293 icon:DC Sealing Material Performance Gaps in Ultra-HP/HT Applications
J. Ren, D.P. Gerrard, Baker Hughes
1014-1036 25177 icon:DC Hydrogen Embrittlement Susceptibility of Precipiation Strengthened Ni-base Superalloys
S.J. Kernion, J.H. Magee, T. Werley, P. Maxwell, Carpenter Technology Corporation
1036-1058 25295 icon:RDD Modeling the Properties of H2S - CO2 - Salt - Water Extreme Environments
R.D. Springer, P. Wang, A. Anderko, OLI Systems Inc.
1058-1120 25209 icon:DC Nanostructured Metallic Materials In Extreme Environment
X. Zhang, K. Yu, Y. Chen, Texas A&M University
1120-1142 25091 icon:DC Characterization of Wellbore Cement Properties by Means of Maturity Rule and Population Growth Models
A. Nabih, R. Chalaturnyk, University of Alberta
Tuesday, 6 May



RPSEA UDW Research Efforts - Floaters & Risers

Session Chairpersons:

James Marcus Pappas, Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America; Sandor A. Karpathy, Stress Subsea, Inc.

This session will discuss results and ongoing work on several Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America managed ultradeepwater projects in the floating drilling or productions systems and risers areas.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 25406 icon:PFC Steel Catenary Riser Design for Cylindrical FPSO Application in Ultra-Deep GoM
J. Vidic-Perunovic, S. Guo, Doris-Inc.; L. Wang, Statoil; F. Hopen, Sevan Marine ASA; W. Head, RPSEA
0952-1014 25250 icon:PFC Challenges and Solutions of an Ultra-deepwater Dry Tree System for Drilling and Production in the Gulf of Mexico
J. Zeng, D. Smith, W. Wu, Kvaerner
1014-1036 25427 icon:PFC VIM Model Testing and VIM Induced Mooring Fatigue of a Dry Tree Paired-Column Semisubmersible Platform
J. Zou, P. Poll, A. Antony, S. Das, R. Padmanabhan, V. Vinayan, A. Parambath, Houston Offshore Engineering
1036-1058 25297 icon:PFC Assessment of Ultra Deepwater Riser Concepts for High-Motion Vessels
B.S. Royer, Stress Engineering Services, Inc.; T.L. Power, Stress Engineering Services Inc; D.O. Ayewah, Stress Engineering Services, Inc.; W. Head, RPSEA
1058-1120 25393 icon:PFC Flexible Fiber-Reinforced Pipe for 10,000-Foot Water Depths: Performance Assessments and Future Challenges
V. Jha, N. Dodds, D. Finch, J. Latto, GE Oil & Gas; G. Karabelas, Ge Oil and Gas; M. Vermilyea, P. Baehmann, T.A. Anderson, GE Global Research
1120-1142 25084 icon:PFC Qualification of Flexible Fiber-Reinforced Pipe for Ultra-deepwater Applications - Update on Phase 1 Engineering and Phase 2 Prototype Testing
M. Kalman, L. Yu, A. Salimi, J. Liu, R. Joshi, DeepFlex Inc.
1142-1200 25136 icon:PFC Effects of Fiber Rope - Seabed Contact on Subsequent Rope Integrity
R.R. Ayers, Stress Engineering Services; C. Del Vecchio, Stress Engineering Services, Inc.; P.V. Devlin, Chevron Corporation; W. Head, RPSEA
Tuesday, 6 May



Geoscience Projects

Session Chairpersons:

Jim Kreamer, Weinman Geoscience; Aurora R. Castelan, Schlumberger

The direct application of geoscience technologies and analysis is directly attributable to the overall economic and technical success of offshore oil and gas E&P projects. This session will present case studies as well as developmental results in the application of these techniques from a variety of analyses and environments.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 25353 icon:RDD Evolution of High-Pressure, Flexible-Capacity air Compressors to Convert Smaller Vessels for use in Marine Seismic Exploration Industry
D.N. Dorran, Atlas Copco Rental
0952-1014 25203 icon:PO LWD Sonic Data Analysis and Applicability in South China Sea
J. Cai, CNOOC Ltd.- ZhanJiang; L. Zhen, Schlumberger S.A.; Y. Shim, Y. Jiang, Schlumberger
1014-1036 25226 icon:RDD Blended Source Ocean Bottom Seismic Data Acquisition
D. Hays, FairfieldNodal; D.J. Monk, Apache Corp.; C. Walker, K. Craft, FairfieldNodal
1036-1058 25150 icon:RDD The Importance of Recognizing Hydrodynamics for Understanding Reservoir Volumetrics, Field Development and Well Placement
S. Green, Ikon Science Canada; R. Swarbrick, S.A. O'Connor, Ikon Science Ltd
1058-1120 25363 icon:RDD Continuous Monitoring of Sedimentary Mechanical Properties Using Passive Broadband Seismic Techniques
J.A. Collins, D. Lizarralde, N. Farr, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
1120-1142 25180 icon:RDD The Application of Noise Attenuation Method Based on Frequency and Amplitude in China's Bohai Bay
S. Dong, B. Fan, Z. Wang, C. Qu, H. Haiyang, China Oilfield Services Limited
Tuesday, 6 May



Marine Archaeology and Environmental Studies in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Session Chairpersons:

Daniel James Warren, C & C Technologies, Inc.; Kimberly Lane Faulk, Geoscience Earth & Marine Services, a Forum Energy Technologies Company

Offshore archaeology like many other facets of the offshore energy exploration industry is in a constant state of flux. New projects, technologies, and discoveries continually change the processes archaeologists use to locate, explore, and analyze underwater sites, be they shallow water prehistoric sites or deep ocean shipwrecks. This session will feature papers from private, federal, and academic archaeologists associated with the offshore energy industry. The papers will cover ongoing projects, new technologies for archaeological site documentation and analysis, discoveries, environmental impacts, or other aspects of work related to offshore exploration archaeology in the energy industry.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 25281 icon:HSE Technological Issues Related to the Identification of Submerged Prehistoric Sites
M.E. Keith, A.M. Evans, Tesla Offshore, LLC
0952-1014 25118 icon:HSE Lophelia II Shipwreck Component: End Game
D.J. Warren, R. Church, R. Westrick, C & C Technologies, Inc.
1014-1036 25327 icon:HSE Deep-Water Shipwreck Site Distribution: The Equation of Site Formation
R. Church, C & C Technologies, Inc.
1036-1058 25251 icon:HSE Offshore Collaborative Archaeology
K. Faulk, Geoscience Earth & Marine Services, A Forum Energy Technologies Company
1058-1120 25347 icon:HSE Interpreting the Past By Exploring the Abyss: Archaeological investigations of an early nineteenth-century shipwreck in the Gulf of Mexico
C.E. Horrell, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement; A.A. Borgens, Texas Historical Commission
1120-1142 25289 icon:HSE The Changing Role and Perception of Archaeology in the Gulf of Mexico Exploration Industry
D.J. Warren, C & C Technologies, Inc.

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