Technical Program

Tuesday, 6 May



ACTIVE ARENA: Energy Security & Economic Prosperity: Oil Spill Prevention

Safe, sustainable production of oil and natural gas offshore will continue to be a key factor in our country’s energy security and economic prosperity. The Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) works to promote safety, protect the environment, and conserve resources offshore through rigorous regulatory oversight and enforcement. The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy, Office of Oil and Natural Gas supports research and development to scientifically quantify and mitigate/address the risks of oil and gas exploration and production. On August 22, 2013, DOE and BSEE signed a Memorandum of Collaboration to coordinate the ongoing efforts of the two agencies for offshore research and technological improvement projects. Through this collaboration, BSEE and DOE will continue to work together to develop technology that ensures safe, sustainable offshore production of oil and natural gas. The agencies will present and discuss how their collaborative efforts support building safety through technological improvement.

Session Moderator:

Gamal A. Hassan, ADH International


Christopher Smith Christopher Smith
Department of Energy
Brian Salerno Brian Salerno
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
James Brian Raney
Anadarko Petroleum Corp
David Payne David Payne
Chevron Corporation
Uno Holm Rognli Uno Holm Rognli
Statoil ASA
Paul Doucette
GE Oil & Gas
Tuesday, 6 May



Mars B Development- Driving Toward Top-Quartile Delivery through Integration

Session Chairpersons:

David Barton, KBR; Thomas Miller, Chevron Corporation

This session will present an overview of Shell’s landmark Mars B Development in the Gulf of Mexico with an emphasis on the unique challenges of the project. The session will cover the approaches and solutions utilized by the operator in the areas of seismic technology, well design, TLP design and construction, and operations planning.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1422 25446 icon:PFC Olympus TLP - Challenges and Considerations of Designing a Deepwater Venture for a 45 Year Production Life
M.S. Lindsay, Shell International E&P Co.
1422-1444 25434 icon:PFC Mars B-Olympus TLP Tow-Out Marks First Use of Synthetic Rigging; Finds Operational and HSSE Benefits
P. Dixon, Shell International Exploration and Production
1444-1506 25441 icon:PFC Olympus TLP Operations Team - Enabling a community of excellence
J. Trussell, Shell; M. Chevis, Shell Exploration & Production Company
1506-1528 25435 icon:RDD Cutting Edge Seismic Technology Boosts Mars B Project by Delivering Exploration, Maturation and Development of Two Subsea Fields Tied Back to New Olympus TLP at a Top Quartile Pace
R. Sloan, Shell; K. King, Shell Exploration & Production Company
1528-1550 25443 icon:MI 50 reservoirs, 48 well Slots & Two TLP's - Maximizing recovery from the Deepwater Prolific Mars Field
D. Newberry, Shell
1550-1612 25436 icon:HSE Olympus TLP - Design and Construction Embedded in a "I Care" Culture
T. McGlothlin, Shell
1612-1630 25437 icon:DC Mars-B Development; Well Challenges & Solutions - An Evolution of Traditional Well, Rig and Facility Design.
A.L. Van Den Haak, Shell International Exploration & Production Inc; W.J. Cameron, L.S. Grant, Shell Exploration & Production Co.; N.H. Japar, Shell Exploration & Production Co; D.R. Reagins, Shell Exploration & Production Co.
Tuesday, 6 May



Flow Assurance - Chemical Solutions for Sustainable Production

Session Chairpersons:

Thomas R. Sifferman, ETTP Consulting; Weihong Meng, Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants

In this session, three technical papers on asphaltenes, two on hydrates, and two on wax/paraffin will be presented by operators, service companies, and university personnel. Both lab and field data will also be discussed in this session.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1422 25411 icon:PO Impact of Water Cut on Asphaltene Deposition Tendency
J. Wang, Chevron ETC; T. Fan, J.S. Buckley, New Mexico Inst-Mining & Tech; J.L. Creek, Chevron ETC
1422-1444 25172 icon:RDD Variation Of The Asphaltene Onset Pressure Due To Reservoir Fluid Disequilibrium
Y. Chen, K. Wang, L. Chen, H. Dumont, V.K. Mishra, J.Y. Zuo, O.C. Mullins, Schlumberger; H. Elshahawi, Shell
1444-1506 25113 icon:PO New Dead-Crude Oil Asphaltene Inhibitor Test Method
D.W. Jennings, R. Cable, G.C. Leonard, Baker Hughes
1506-1528 25309 icon:PFC Hydrate Deposition Mechanisms on Pipe Walls
G.A. Grasso, Colorado School of Mines; J.L. Creek, Chevron ETC; C. Koh, E.D. Sloan, Colorado School of Mines; G. Kusinski, Chevron ETC, DeepStar; A.K. Sum, Colorado School of Mines
1528-1550 25336 icon:PO Development and Implementation of a High Temperature and Salinity Tolerant Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor to Replace an Existing, Ten-Year Continuous Application
P.A. Webber, N.L. Morales, A. Madden, Nalco Champion, An Ecolab Company
1550-1612 25097 icon:PFC Wax Deposit Surface Characteristic under Single-phase and Water-in-Crude-Oil Flow Conditions
E. Panacharoensawad, C. Sarica, University of Tulsa
1612-1630 25109 icon:PO Study the Effect of Condensate Tie-back on Wax Deposition in an Indonesian Offshore Crude Oil Pipeline
A. Singh, University of Tulsa; H. Lee, P. Singh, ConocoPhillips Co.; C. Sarica, University of Tulsa
Tuesday, 6 May



Evolution of Deepwater Technology

Session Chairpersons:

Robert F. Ziegler, Petronas; Neil Patrick Kavanagh, Woodside Energy Ltd.

New frontier oil and gas discoveries are increasing in the deepwater domain. This technical session features six specialist papers, describing how deepwater technology has evolved and the current frontiers. The papers give a regional view, using actual examples on the technology constraints faced by deepwater development. These include water depth, subsea distance from host or coast, processing intensity and complexity, and manning levels and automation.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1422 25165 icon:PFC Impact on Risers and Flowlines of the FPSO Mooring in Deepwater and Ultra Deepwater
J. Saint-Marcoux, Subsea 7; J. Legras, Subsea7 Joint Venture
1422-1444 25255 icon:DC MWCC’s Expanded System: Enhancing Well Containment in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico
M. Massey, Marine Well Containment Company
1444-1506 25364 icon:MI Risks and Impact Assessment for Deepwater and Ultra-Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Resources
K. Rose, United States Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory; F. Aminzadeh, University of Southern California; L. Sim, United States Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory; R.G. Ghanem, University of Southern California; C. Disenhof, J. Bauer, United States Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory; M. Mark-Moser, Oak Ridge Institute for Science & Education Fellow, National Energy Technology Laboratory; C. Thimmisetty, N. Jabbari, A. Khodabakhshnejad, Viterbi School of Engineering University of Southern California
1506-1528 25351 icon:PFC Novel Dry-Tree Semisubmersible Solutions for Deepwater Marginal Field Development
A.M. Mansour, D. Kumar, R. Zuccolo, J. James, H. Heidari, INTECSEA, WorleyParsons Group
1528-1550 25348 icon:PFC A Dry Tree Semisubmersible Floating Production Unit Alternative for Field Developments
J. Korsnes, Moss Maritime a.s.; R. Noce, Moss Maritime Inc.
1550-1612 25388 icon:PFC Low Motion Semisubmersible Hull for Dry Tree Application
J. Kyoung, Technip; J.F. O'Sullivan, Technip USA, Inc.; K. Lambrakos, J.W. Kim, J. Ermon, Technip
1612-1630 25248 icon:PFC Numerical Simulation of Liquid Sloshing in Floating LNG
M. Agrawal, L. Rahumathulla, ANSYS Inc
Tuesday, 6 May



Advances in Flexible Pipe Technology

Session Chairpersons:

Adrian Connaire, MCS Kenny; Krassimir Doynov, Exxon Mobil Corporation

This session includes papers from operators, manufacturers, and subject matter experts on expanding the pressure, temperature and water depth envelope, new qualification processes and methods, and integrity monitoring of unbonded flexible pipe.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1422 25334 icon:PFC Offshore Application of a Novel Approach to the Inspection of Flexible Risers
G. Eckold, K. Kershaw, D. Buttle, W. Binny, J. McCarthy, GE Oil & Gas; A. Griffiths, Shell
1422-1444 25126 icon:PFC Qualification of Flexible Flowlines: Lateral Instability Testing
R.L. Tanaka, R. Morini, C.A. Godinho, Prysmian Surflex; D. Swanek, C. Timms, C-FER Technologies
1444-1506 25254 icon:PFC High Pressure Flexibles Pipes - Knowledge and Qualifications at 15kpsi, 17.5kpsi and 20kpsi Design Pressure.
A. Felix-Henry, P. Secher, G. Bernard, P. Estrier, A. Deheeger, Flexi France
1506-1528 25448 icon:PFC Vortex Induced VIBRATION Model Test for Step Riser configuration
Y. Hou, J. Yuan, J. Zhang, Z. Tan, GE oild and gas, Wellstream
1528-1550 25092 icon:PFC Qualification of Unbonded Flexible Pipe to API and DNV Standards
M.D. Kalman, DeepFlex Inc; J. Suarez, Det Norske Veritas (USA) Inc.; L. Yu, DeepFlex Inc; C. Durr, DeepFlex Inc.
1550-1612 25332 icon:PFC Restricted-S Riser Configuration for Ultra-Shallow Water Projects
C.D. Christensen, National Oilwell Varco (NOV Flexibles); T. Pedersen, National Oilwell Varco
1612-1630 25236 icon:PO New Design Of Lightweight Flexible Pipe For Offshore Oil Offloading Transfer
A. Do, S. Legeay, Technip; J.P. Roques, A. Karnikian, Total S.A.; D. Charliac, J. Pere, Technip
Tuesday, 6 May



Geoscience Developments

Session Chairpersons:

Aurora R. Castelan, Schlumberger; Jim Kreamer, Weinman Geoscience

The continuous development of multi-disciplined geophysical and geoscience techniques is vital for a successful E&P program as well as environmental initiatives in the offshore environment. This session will be a showcase of the development and application of a variety of these technologies ranging from 3D seismic and electromagnetic technologies to methods in analysis.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1422 25088 icon:PFC Gis Analysis Of Pockmarks From 3D Seismic Exploration Surveys
J.B. Geldof, TOTAL; J. Gafeira, BGS; J. Contet, S. Marquet, TOTAL
1422-1444 25240 icon:DC Developing a Mechanic Earth Model Using Tectonic Deformation Coefficients in Ceuta VLG-3676 Field, Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela
V.J. Vasquez, PDVSA E&P; A. Pierre-Bois, Beicip Franlap
1444-1506 25086 icon:RDD HPHT Formation Evaluation : Planning For Success via a Structured Approach
J. Owens, Maersk Oil
1506-1528 25269 icon:RDD Integration of Horizontal Wells in the Modeling of Carbonates Reservoir. Upscaling and Economical Assessment Challenges
T. Ait Ettajer, Repsol E&P USA Inc; L. Fontanelli, Repsol E&P U.S.A.; A. Diaz, Repsol
1528-1550 25158 icon:RDD Using Generalized Linear Regression of Multiple Attributes for Modeling and Prediction the Formation Permeability in Sandstone Reservoir
W.J. Al-Mudhafer, Louisiana State University (petr. Eng. Dept)
1550-1612 25081 icon:DC Development and Possible Applications of Mebo200 for Geotechnical Investigations for the Underwater Mining
G. Spagnoli, BAUER Maschinen GmbH; T. Freudenthal, Marum University of Bremen; M. Strasser, ETH Zürich; L. Weixler, BAUER Maschinen GmbH
Tuesday, 6 May



RPSEA/DOE UDW Flow Assurance & Subsea Systems Projects

Session Chairpersons:

James Pappas, Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America; Jayesh Antani, Enbridge Offshore Pipelines LLC

This session provides information regarding several Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America and National Energy Technology Laboratory/U.S. Department of Energy projects related to high pressure - high temperature equations of state, corrosion and inhibition testing, and mineral solubility effects. It will also discuss work on subsea measurement improvement and autonomous underwater vehicle laser inspection equipment.

Time Paper # Presentation
1400-1422 25425 icon:RDD Status of Equation of State Project at the NETL
I.K. Gamwo, U.S. DOE-NETL; W.A. Burgess, US DOE-NETL; D. Tapriyal, URS Corporation; H.O. Baled, University of Pittsburgh; B.D. Morreale, Y. Soong, U.S. DOE-NETL; R.M. Enick, University of Pittsburgh; B.A. Bamgbade, Y. Wu, VCU; M.A. McHugh, Virginia Commonwealth University
1422-1444 25193 icon:PO Corrosion Testing of Deepwater Tubing Materials under Extreme Pressure and Temperature Conditions
J. Huang, Brine Chemistry Solutions, LLC; P. Guraieb, Brine Chemistry Solutions; C. Yan, E. Contreras, Brine Chemistry Solutions, LLC; M.B. Tomson, Rice University; R. Tomson, Brine Chemistry Solutions
1444-1506 25216 icon:PO Solubility Study of Magnetite under Extreme High Pressure and High Temperature
P. Guraieb, Brine Chemistry Solutions, LLC; J. Huang, Brine Chemistry Solutions; C. Yan, E. Contreras, Brine Chemistry Solutions, LLC; M.B. Tomson, Rice University; R.C. Tomson, Brine Chemistry Solutions
1506-1528 25307 icon:PO Hydrate Modeling & Flow Loop Experiments for Water Continuous & Partially Dispersed Systems
P. Vijayamohan, A.A. Majid, E.D. Sloan, A.K. Sum, Colorado School of Mines; E. Dellecase, M. Volk, University of Tulsa; C.A. Koh, Colorado School of Mines
1528-1550 25381 icon:PFC AUV-Based 3D Laser Inspection for Structural Integrity Management in Deepwater Fields
T. Reeves, Lockheed Martin Mission Systems & Training; D. Mcleod, Lockheed Martin; C. Embry, B. Nickerson, 3D at Depth, LLC; J. Jacobson, Lockheed Martin MST
1550-1612 25395 icon:PO More Improvements to Deepwater Subsea Measurement
J. Shen, Chevron Energy Technology Company; W. Letton, Letton Hall Group; J.M. Pappas, RPSEA
1612-1630 25325 icon:PFC Deepstar 11901 - Subsea Low Salinity Injection Water for Increased Oil Recovery
S.J. Anres, Saipem; G. Skivington, Westgarth Ltd; K. Mateen, Total E&P USA, Inc.; T. Delaplace, Saipem; G. Kusinski, Chevron

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