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Wednesday, 7 May



Law of the Sea

Over three-quarters of the maritime waters attributable to the 155 coastal states remain to be explored and/or exploited. Some 14% of these waters cover the deep and ultra-deep Extended Continental Shelf (ECS). The International Seabed Authority estimated in 2000 that the resource potential of offshore waters covered by the Exclusive Economic Zone and ECS waters amounted to USD 12,000 trillion. Thus, the potential is truly enormous. For some of these areas there are many challenges: some technical, some legal, some geodetic, and some environmental. A number of areas require peace to be restored. There are an estimated 311 maritime boundaries that remain to be agreed, with 209 agreed or in force. Where boundary disputes exist it is unlikely that hydrocarbon exploitation has occurred. Many areas in dispute are relatively easy to explore and exploit. This panel discussion will build on the background paper OTC-25306 written for OTC 2014 by the panelists. The panel format will include a brief presentation to convey additional meaning to the technical and legal basis of offshore boundaries. It will also provide additional information on the potential and challenges in selected areas and show how processes developed in the UNCLOS and via technology can help peacefully resolve many of these areas either in dispute or unallocated so that work may commence.

Session Moderators:

Robert Van De Poll, Fugro N.V.; David Bishopp, Galp Energia


Pieter Bekker Pieter Bekker
University of Dundee (UK)
Niels Andersen Niels Andersen
Center for Polar Activities- Polar DTU
Toufic Nassif Toufic Nassif
Sonde Resources Corp.
Robert Van De Poll Robert Van De Poll
Fugro N.V.
Wednesday, 7 May



RPSEA UDW Research Efforts - Drilling, Interventions, and Weather-related Projects

Session Chairpersons:

James Pappas, Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America; Jason McClure, Chevron Products Co.

This session highlights several Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America Ultradeepwater Program projects related to downhole visualization cementing assurance, well interventions, and weather-related predictions to assist in safely improving well construction performance.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 25257 icon:DC A Gyroscope Guidance Sensor for Ultra-Deepwater Applications
D.A. Richardson, RPSEA
0952-1014 25194 icon:DC Deepwater Reverse-Circulation Primary Cementing: Applicability and Technical Path Forward for Implementation
C. Wreden, J.T. Watters, CSI Technologies; R. Giroux, Weatherford; M. Nikolaou, K. Macfarlan, University of Houston; D.A. Richardson, RPSEA
1014-1036 25099 icon:DC Development and Characterization of Smart Cement for Real Time Monitoring of Ultra Deepwater Oil Well Cementing Applications
C. Vipulanandan, University of Houston - CIGMAT; R. Krishnamoorti, University of Houston/UH-GEMI; Q. Qu, Baker Hughes; G.G. Narvaez, Baker Hughes RRTC; D.A. Richardson, J.M. Pappas, RPSEA; R. Saravanan, J. Liu, CIGMAT-University of Houston
1036-1058 25312 icon:PFC Exploring Genesis Potential Indices
C. Bruyere, G. Holland, NCAR
1058-1120 25302 icon:HSE Future Changes in Gulf of Mexico Hurricane Wave Climatology
J. Done, C. Bruyere, NCAR; M. Ge, National Center for Atmospheric Research; G. Holland, NCAR
1120-1142 25355 icon:PFC Assessing Uncertainty and Predictability of Regional Climate, with a Focus on Hurricanes
G. Holland, J. Done, C. Bruyere, NCAR
1142-1200 25200 icon:DC Behavior of Piezoresistive Smart Cement Contaminated with Oil Based Drilling Mud
C. Vipulanandan, M. Heidari, University of Houston - CIGMAT; H. Farzam, CEMEX; Q. Qu, Baker Hughes; H. Farzam, Cemex; J.M. Pappas, RPSEA
Wednesday, 7 May



Subsea Processing

Session Chairpersons:

Phaneendra Babu Kondapi, University of Houston; Luiz Souza, Petrobras

Advances in subsea processing technologies are presented covering boosting, separation, and compression. Results from verification, testing, and evaluation of these technologies are presented in this session by authors from industry and university.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 25187 icon:PFC Permanent Magnet Motor-Driven Pump Systems for Subsea Boosting in the Arctic Fields
N.K. Ganatra, A. Strikovski, T. Hollingsaeter, FMC Technologies, Inc.
0952-1014 25080 icon:PO Performance Evaluation of a Multiphase Electric Submersible Pump
G. Morrison, S. Pirouspanah, K. Kirkland, Texas A&M University; S.L. Scott, L.J. Barrios, Shell
1014-1036 25215 icon:RDD Paleogene Secondary Recovery Analysis
J. Hartley, E. Smedstad, E. Widjaja, FMC Technologies, Inc.; M. Nandakumar, FMC Technologies Inc
1036-1058 25367 icon:PFC Qualification of a Subsea Separator with On-line Desanding Capability for Shallow-water Applications
M.D. Olson, E. Grave, J. Juarez, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company; M. Anderson, ExxonMobil Development Company
1058-1120 25201 icon:PO Operability in Design - Fast, Flexible and Economical Design Tool For Subsea Gas Compression Design and Verification
M. Storvik, FMC Technologies; T.B. Irmann-Jacobsen, FMC Kongsberg Subsea AS; A. Bakken, FMC Technologies Inc
1120-1142 25299 icon:PFC Subsea Compact Separation: Control System Design
Z. Li, M.D. Olson, V. Rayachoti, P. Gupte, F. Pierre, Jr., K. Gul, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company
1142-1200 25373 icon:PFC Performance Testing of an In-Line ElectroCoalescer Device with Medium and Heavy Crudes
E.J. Grave, M.D. Olson, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company; A.E. Menchaca, R.W. Westra, M.R. Akdim, FMC Technologies Inc
Wednesday, 7 May



Lateral Buckling and Walking and Pipe Soil Interaction

Session Chairpersons:

David A. Bruton, Crondall Energy; Edward Charles Clukey, BP Exploration

This session is about pipe soil interaction and, more specifically, recent developments and lessons learned on lateral buckling and walking.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 Invited Presenter - Opening Keynote: Julie Boles
J. Boles, BP
0952-1014 25389 icon:PFC Lateral Buckling of Pipelines in Deepwater GoM
A. Hoor, BP Exploration & Production; R.D. Watson, N. Simpson, N. Krishnappa, Atkins; S. Singh, F. Baxter, A.S. Jesudasen, W. Zeng, BP Exploration & Production
1014-1036 25396 icon:PFC BP Angola PSVM Project: Production Flowline Lateral Buckling Design
P.A. Cooper, INTECSEA; M. Crawford, BP; M. Bell, HMC
1036-1058 25339 icon:PFC Advances in Predicting Pipeline Embedment Based on Assessment of Field Data
D.A. Bruton, Crondall Energy
1058-1120 25117 icon:PFC Lessons Learned - Counter-acts Used To Install Pipelines Offshore In Very Soft Clay
C. Olsen, Subsea 7; A. Rosborg, C.S. Sørensen, COWI; N. Brown, Subsea 7
1120-1142 25287 icon:PFC Sediment Mobility Effects on Seabed Resistance for Unburied Pipelines
F. Bransby, Advanced Geomechanics; A. Borges Rodriguez, Advanced Geomechnics; H. Zhou, J. Tom, H. Low, Advanced Geomechanics; D. White, University of Western Australia
1142-1200 25398 icon:PFC Seabed Friction On Carbonate Soils: Physical Modelling of Axial Pipe-Soil Friction
N.P. Boylan, Advanced Geomechanics; D. White, University of Western Australia; P. Brunning, Subsea 7
Wednesday, 7 May



Mooring System Design and Remediation Challenges

Session Chairpersons:

Roald Thorson Lokken, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co. (SO); Shiladitya Basu, KBR

Floating production systems are increasing in size, water depth, and length of service. These increases offer challenges to the design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of mooring systems. This session will cover mooring systems from early concept development and design through to condition assessment monitoring. The results of condition assessments have led operators to choose to remediate degraded mooring systems on some floaters and several examples of mooring replacement will be presented.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 Invited Presenter - Opening Keynote: Arun Duggal
A. Duggal, SOFEC, Inc.
0952-1014 25232 icon:PFC Lifetime Extension North Sea FPSO, Mooring System Replacement; Integrity and Design Challenges
R. Leeuwenburgh, Bluewater Energy Services BV; H.T. Brinkhuis, Bluewater Energy Services B.V.
1014-1036 25449 icon:PFC Serpentina FPSO Mooring Integrity Issues and System Replacement: Unique Fast Track Approach
S. Bhattacharjee, ExxonMobil Production Co.; S.M. Majhi, Granherne - KBR; D. Smith, Exxon Mobil Corporation; R. Garrity, DelMar Operating Inc.
1036-1058 25418 icon:PFC Operating Performance Forecasting and Evaluation of an FPSO with Degrading Mooring System Components
C. Carra, S. Wales, J. Gumley, AMOG Consulting; B. Jobson, S. McDonnell, U. Mir, OMV New Zealand Ltd
1058-1120 25108 icon:HSE Pre-FEED decision making for mooring system configuration using Progressive Reliability Method
M. Mousavi, K. Haverty, Aker Solutions
1120-1142 25322 icon:PFC Gryphon Alpha FPSO - Experience Gained During Moorings Replacement and Hook-Up
F. Toal, J. Martin, Maersk Oil North Sea UK Limited; M. Brown, I. Lindsay, R. Sinclair, GL Noble Denton
Wednesday, 7 May



Invited Organization (JOGMEC)

Session Chairpersons:

Koji Yamamoto, Japan Oil Gas & Metals Natl Corp.; Ray Boswell, U.S. Dept. of Energy

Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC), under Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI) carried out an offshore gas production test from methane hydrate at the Nankai Trough, offshore Japan, Northwest Pacific, in early 2013. This session focuses on the results of the production test. General and offshore activities of JOGMEC as a Japanese governmental body for developing hydrocarbon and mineral resources, and the history of Japanese efforts in research on methane hydrate as a possible future energy resource will also be introduced.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 Invited Presenter - Opening Keynote: Makoto Ichikawa
M. Ichikawa, Japan Oil Gas & Metals Natl Corp
0952-1014 25451 icon:RDD Invited Presenter - Road to Offshore Gas Production Test - From Malik to Nankai Trough
T. Saeki, JOGMEC
1014-1036 25243 icon:PO Operational overview of the first offshore production test of methane hydrates in the Eastern Nankai Trough
K. Yamamoto, Japan Oil Gas & Metals Natl Corp.; Y. Terao, T. Fujii, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation; I. Terumichi, Japan Petroleum Exploration Co.Ltd.; M. Seki, Japan Petr. Explor. Co. Ltd.; M. Matsuzawa, Japan Drilling Co. Ltd.; T. Kanno, Schlumberger KK
1036-1058 25310 icon:DC A Completion System Application For the World’s First Marine Hydrate Production Test
M. Matsuzawa, Japan Drilling Co. Ltd.; T. Yoshihiro, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation; W.J. Hay, Baker Hughes Inc; L. Wingstrom, Baker Hughes Solutions; M.W. Duncan, I. Ayling, Baker Hughes Inc
1058-1120 25235 icon:PO In-situ Temperature Measurement of Gas Hydrate Dissociation during the World-First Offshore Production Test
T. Kanno, M. Takekoshi, X. Wang, S.S. Chee, M. Fukuhara, O. Osawa, Schlumberger; K. Yamamoto, T. Fujii, T. Takayama, K. Suzuki, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation
1120-1142 25330 icon:DC Deepwater Methane Hydrate Gravel Packing Completion Results and Challenges
T. Yoshihiro, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation; M.W. Duncan, W.J. Hay, L. Dang, Baker Hughes Inc
Wednesday, 7 May



Offshore Decommissioning and Abandonment

Session Chairpersons:

Hanaey Dandarawy Mustafa, Petroleum Development Oman; Marie Teixeira, Shell Brazil E&P

Demand for abandonment of wells and decommissioning of offshore platforms and other subsea facilities has skyrocketed in the past few years with depletion of older oil fields and hurricane damaged areas. Decommissioning costs are a significant liability for the operator and governments. Estimated costs have risen dramatically over the last five years as the industry begins to understand the issues, many of which are attributable to decisions made during the initial engineering and construction of an offshore development.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-1014 Invited Presenter - Opening Keynote: Jon Khachaturian
J. Khachaturian, Versabar, Inc.
1014-1036 25316 icon:DC Plug and Abandonment Using Reverse Cement Placement Technique in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
E. Gubanov, D. Nana, M. Bogaerts, F. Moretti, N.C. Flamant, A. Kanahuati, Schlumberger
1036-1058 25247 icon:PFC Decommissioning Costs Can Be Reduced
A.W. Stokes, Worley Parsons Europe Ltd
1058-1120 25405 icon:PFC Analytical Development of Seastate Limits Associated to the Abandonment Operations of a Structurally Compromised Subsea Well
T.N. Turner, N. Murdoch, Atkins
1120-1142 25214 icon:DC Riserless Plug and Abandonment of Pilot Holes in Ultradeepwater
J. Vølstad, S.C. Hilliard, Statoil ASA; P.C. Aguilar, A.G. Salehpour, Schlumberger; M. Bogaerts, Schlumberger Technical Services Inc
1142-1200 25438 icon:PO Improving Overhead And Reducing Time Consumption on P&A Operations with E-line, Explosion-free, Mechanical Cutter Tool
C. Kruger, Welltec Inc; A. Faraoun, Welltec A/S; T. Eikeland, Welltec Norway

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