Spotlight on New TechnologySM Award

SpotlightOTC recognizes innovative technologies each year with the Spotlight on New TechnologySM Award.

This awards program is exclusively for OTC exhibitors and showcases the latest and most advanced technologies that are leading the industry into the future.


2014 Spotlight on New TechnologySM Award Winners

Baker Hughes

LaunchPRO™ Wireless Top Drive Cement Head

FMC Technologies

ISOL-8 Pump

FMC Technologies

Offshore Loading Arm Footless

GE Oil & Gas


GE Oil & Gas

Zenith GFI™ Ground Fault Immune ESP Monitoring System

Geoservices, A Schlumberger Company

FLAG Fluid Loss and Gain Detection Service

Halliburton Drill Bits and Services

TDReam™ Tool

SBM Offshore

Very High Pressure Fluid Swivel


Seismic Guided Drilling Pore-Pressure Prediction Ahead of the Bit



West Production Technology AS 

SwarfPak Technology

(Part of WeST Group)


IsoMetrix Marine Isometric Seismic Technology


Award Qualifications

Technologies to be considered for the Spotlight on New TechnologySM award must meet five general criteria: new, innovative, proven, broad interest, and significant impact. Both hardware and software technologies are applicable.

A committee made up of representatives from the OTC Board and program committee will judge the applications. Only information submitted in writing will be considered by the judges.

New. The technology must be less than two years old (between 6 January 2012-6 January 2014); dating from the first time it was introduced to the marketplace or was announced or advertised in a conference, press release, or trade journal. If previously advertised at OTC, it must not have been displayed for more than one conference. The technology must not be in violation of any known patents. The date when the product or service was first made available to the industry must be provided.

Innovative. The technology must be original, groundbreaking, and capable of revolutionizing the offshore E&P industry. For example, an improvement in efficiency of an existing motor would not be considered unless it had the potential to change the way in which the motor would be used in the industry.

Proven. The technology must be proven, either through full-scale application or successful prototype testing. For example, a proposed new type of software in the development phase would not be considered applicable to this program.

Broad Interest. The technology must have broad interest and appeal for the industry. For example, a new type of valve would not be considered new technology or of broad interest if it were simply a replacement of a previous valve at lower cost. However, the new valve might be considered to have broad interest if it had the potential to change the way in which valves impact or are used in the wider system that utilizes the valve.

Significant Impact. The technology must provide significant benefits beyond existing technologies. Environmental impact is an important judging criterion.


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Benefits of Participation

  • Acknowledgement in an OTC press release

  • Advanced recognition on the OTC website

  • Acknowledgement at an on-site awards event with press invited

  • Recognition in a special 4-color, multi-page section of the OTC conference program

  • Designation on the exhibit floor with a customized Spotlight banner