Technical Program

Monday, 5 May



Emerging Offshore Geosciences Technologies

A panel of thought leaders in geoscience will present and discuss their executive summary views on emerging geoscience technologies showing potential for commercial game-changers in offshore technology. Discussion will include: permanent reservoir monitoring, microseismic technologies, new streamer technologies, and ocean bottom acquisition.

Session Moderator:

Charles Knobloch, Arnold, Knobloch & Saunders LLP


Paulo Roberto Johann Paulo Roberto Johann
Petrobras America Inc.
David James Monk David James Monk
Apache Corp.
Shuki Ronen Shuki Ronen
Seabird Geosolutions
Peter Duncan Peter Duncan
MicroSeismic, Inc
Rocco Detomo Rocco Detomo
Independent Consultant
Monday, 5 May



Dual Gradient Drilling/Managed Pressure Drilling

Session Chairpersons:

Syed Afaq Ali, Schlumberger; Francois M. Auzerais, Schlumberger

In many cases, conventional drilling does not permit economic completion of deep wells. Dual gradient drilling is one technology with significant potential to overcome this hurdle. It takes advantage of the long riser in the water column as a tool for managed pressure drilling, and so has emerged as a very desirable way of implementing managed pressure drilling in deepwater wells.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 25164 icon:DC Live Well Display & Automated Data Analysis to Improve Timely Well Control & Drilling Optimization Decision-Making in MPD Operations
F. Gumus, D.M. Hannegan, I. Pobedinski, Weatherford; K. Valiullin, Weatherford International Inc.; D. Simpkins, Weatherford
0952-1014 25222 icon:DC Implementation of Dual Gradient Drilling
R. Stave, AGR Services A/S
1014-1036 25292 icon:DC ECD Management Toolbox for Floating Drilling Units
J. Godhavn, Statoil North America Inc; E. Hauge, D. Molde, I. Kjoesnes, Statoil ASA; S. Gaassand, Statoil North America Inc; B. Fossli, R. Stave, AGR Enhanced Drilling
1036-1058 25256 icon:DC Enhancing Well Control Through Managed Pressure Drilling
M.S. Culen, O. Gabaldon, P. Brand, Blade Energy Partners
1058-1120 25267 icon:DC Dual Gradient Drilling Is Ready For Primetime: The Benefits Of A Retrofit System For Better Well Control, Enhanced Water Depth Capability And Flat Time Reduction.
R.F. Ziegler, Petronas
1120-1142 25290 icon:DC Managed Pressure Drilling Probabilistic Risk Analysis: An Illustration
K. Zan, J.E. Bickel, The University of Texas At Austin
1142-1200 25360 icon:DC Dynamic Simulations of New Well Control Procedures Used to Prepare a Dual Gradient System for Field Trial
J.H. Cohen, AGR Subsea, Inc.; J. Godhavn, Statoil Gulf Services LLC; E. Hauge, Statoil ASA; R. Stave, AGR Enhanced Drilling; D. Molde, Statoil ASA
Monday, 5 May



Computational Fluid Dynamics- Applications in Offshore Engineering

Session Chairpersons:

David J. Wisch, Chevron ETC; Aimee Marsh, Delta Subsea

This session focuses on the practical applications of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in offshore engineering, including the design, installation, and operation of offshore platform, riser, flowline, and subsea equipment. While CFD is known to model physics more accurately than conventional engineering analysis tools, its application in the field of offshore engineering has been limited so far, largely due to excessive computing cost in the past. With recent developments of computing hardware and software, we have seen increasing application and potential of CFD in this field. This session demonstrates, with real industrial project examples, the applications of CFD in modeling wave and current interactions with offshore structures. The objective is to increase the industry’s awareness and to advocate industrial wide efforts to develop, mature, and apply this advance technology.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 25213 icon:PFC Wet Deck Slamming Analysis of Twin-Hulled Offshore Ship in Irregular Sea Waves
L. Rahumathulla, V. Gupta, M. Agrawal, ANSYS Inc
0952-1014 25233 icon:PFC Fluid-Structure Interaction: Lowering Subsea Structure / Equipment in Splash Zone During Installation
D. Jia, Technip; M. Agrawal, ANSYS Inc
1014-1036 25385 icon:PFC Practical Application of CFD Modeling of Air Gap and Wave Loads In Offshore Structure Design
G. Wu, D.G. Danmeier, Chevron
1036-1058 25423 icon:PFC CFD-FE Simulation of Wave Slamming on an Offshore Platform in Extreme Sea States
J.W. Kim, H. Jang, R. Izarra, Technip; D. Martin, Dassault Systems; O. Dalane, Statoil
1058-1142 25432 icon:PFC Fatigue Assessment of Arrayed Pull-Tubes in a Truss Spar via Coupled Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction
M. Tognarelli, BP America Production Company; H. Gupta, BP; S. Holmes, Red Wing Engineering; W. Calver, Altair
1142-1200 25429 icon:PFC Fluid-Structure Interaction and Applications to Screening Pipeline Span VIV and Subsea Piping FIV
J.P. Pontaza, Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.
Monday, 5 May



New Deepwater Construction Equipment - Update 2014

Session Chairpersons:

Jayesh Antani, Enbridge Offshore Pipelines LLC; Rene Raaijmakers, IHC Merwede

This technical session expands on the theme of a previous OTC 2012 session "New Deepwater Construction Equipment: A Vision for the Future," with some authors presenting updated information on the new construction assets which have since debuted in the deepwater construction arena, including sea trials/commissioning and first pipe lay experiences with the new vessels. Some significant new vessels and equipment which have entered or are expected to enter, the market in the near future are also being highlighted.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 25110 icon:PO CastorOne and FDS 2: Getting Stronger for Laying Deeper
R. Faldini, A. Oldani, S. Marchini, Saipem Spa; R. Pellegrini, Saipem LTD
0952-1014 25101 icon:PFC Deepwater Construction Vessel 'Aegir' Shifting the Frontiers of Reeling
J. van der Graaf, K. van Zandwijk, Heerema marine Contractors Nederland S.E.
1014-1036 25246 icon:PO New Deepwater Construction Equipment Update 2014
M. Wilson, Ecosse Subsea Systems Ltd
1036-1058 25288 icon:PFC Ultra Deepwater Reel and Flexible Pipelay Vessel for Pre-Salt Field Developments
E. Erik Christiani Ph.D. , M.Sc., EMAS AMC
1058-1120 25331 icon:PFC Practical and Theoretical Assessments of Subsea Installation Capacity for HYSY 201 Laybarge According to Recent Project Performances in South China Sea
F. Wang, Y. Luo, Y. Xie, COTEC Offshore Engineering Solutions; B. Li, J. Li, China Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd
1120-1142 25268 icon:PFC Construction Vessel Market and Capability Modeling
L. Taylor, McDermott, Inc.
1142-1200 25120 icon:PFC The Single-Lift Vessel "Pieter Schelte": Honoring the Past, Shaping the Future
E.P. Heerema, Allseas Group
Monday, 5 May



Field Development: Managing Economics and Risks

Session Chairpersons:

Marcos Morais, Petrobras; Luiz Souza, Petrobras

As field development is becoming increasingly complex and expensive, front end planning and proper economic and risk assessments are paramount for an oil and gas project to succeed. This session brings an insight on this topic from operators, suppliers, and academia.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 25094 icon:MI Key Aspects of Deepwater Appraisal
D. Reid, Shell Upstream Americas; M. Dekker, Shell International Ltd.; T.V. Wilson, Shell Exploration & Production Co
0952-1014 25135 icon:MI Deepwater Development Strategy
M. Dekker, D. Reid, Shell Upstream Americas
1014-1036 25119 icon:PO Saudi Arabia’s Manifa Giant Offshore Field Development: The Role of Technology
J.O. Arukhe, S. Hanbzazah, A. Ahmari, S. Al Ghamdi, K. Yateem, Saudi Aramco; M. Bal, D. Ahmed, F. Baez, Schlumberger
1036-1058 25440 icon:MI Early Production Systems - When Do They Make Good Business Sense for Your Project?
E.M. Coopersmith, Decision Frameworks LP; L. Mendoza-Natividad, Decision Frameworks, L.P.; K. Burkholder, Decision Frameworks LP
1058-1120 25442 icon:PFC A Comparison of Pre- and Post-2005 Sanctioned Gulf of Mexico Tension Leg, Semi-submersible, and Spar Floating Platforms
R. D'Souza, R. Aggarwal, S. Basu, Granherne, a KBR Company
1120-1142 25122 icon:PFC Innovative Solutions Make China's First Marginal Subsea tie Back oil Field Into Production
M. Jiayou, Y. Jianjun, Y. Qingdong, L. Yiyong, Y. Zuan, CNOOC Ltd., Shenzhen
1142-1200 25274 icon:PFC An Evaluation of Large Capacity Processing Units for Ultra Deep Water and High GOR Oil Fields
J. Ribeiro, C.C. Branco, C.E. Vaz, A.C. Pinto, Petrobras
Monday, 5 May



Monitoring Techniques and Systems - Cradle to Cradle - A Vital Input to Reliability and Integrity Management Programs

Session Chairpersons:

Jennifer Bell, Elements Offshore; Thomas L. Gee, Weatherford International Ltd.

This session presents actual use of monitoring to assess reliability and manage the risk inherent to operation of subsea facilities.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 Invited Presenter - Opening Keynote: Tania Sauceda
T. Sauceda, ASME Petroleum Division
0952-1014 25403 icon:DC Subsea Wellhead and Riser Fatigue Monitoring in a Strong Surface and Submerged Current Environment
S. Mcneill, Stress Engineering Services, Inc.; P. Agarwal, D.J. Kluk, Stress Engineering Services Inc; K. Bhalla, Stress Engineering Services, Inc.; R.D. Young, Stress Engineering Services Inc; S. Burman, Shell Brazil E&P; S. Liapis, Shell Oil Co.; S. Jain, Shell E&P; V. Jhingran, Shell International Ltd.; S. Hodges, Shell; E. Denison, Consultant
1014-1036 25188 icon:PO Reliability Analysis of Lazy Wave Steel Catenary Riser (LWSCR) Using Real-Time Monitoring Data
L. Zhang, C. Wu, L. Liu, M. McQueen, INTECSEA
1036-1058 25368 icon:PFC A Post-Installed Subsea Monitoring System for Structural and Flow Assurance Evaluation
D.V. Brower, A. Brower, Astro Technology Inc.; J. Hedengren, R. Asgharzadeh, Brigham Young University
1058-1120 25199 icon:PO Optimizing Response Strategies to Improve Subsea Equipment Availability
J.A. Pearse, A. Botto, Wood Group Integrity Management
1120-1142 25301 icon:MI Underwater monitoring network: Using the deep-sea Drill MARUM-MeBo for installing Subseafloor Sensor Systems for monitoring Seafloor Intervention Operations
C. Waldmann, T. Freudenthal, A. Kopf, University of Bremen/MARUM
1142-1200 25228 icon:DC Marine Magnetic Surveying and Disturbance Field Monitoring by Autonomous Marine Vehicles
B. Poedjono, Schlumberger; S. Pai, Liquid Robotics Oil and Gas; S. Maus, Magnetic Variation Services
Monday, 5 May



Human Factors in Engineering

Session Chairpersons:

Kevin P. McSweeney, ABS; William Henry Cowardin, Alion Science & Technology

This session will address how to account for human behavior when designing facilities and operational guidelines.

Time Paper # Presentation
0930-0952 Invited Presenter - Opening Keynote: Jennifer McGovern Narkevicius
J. McGovern Narkevicius, Jenius LLC
0952-1014 25130 icon:MI Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS): Investigatory Tool for Human Factors in Offshore Operational Safety
D.M. Hollaway, J.D. Johnson, ABS Consulting, Inc.
1014-1036 25167 icon:PO Implementing Human Factors Engineering in Offshore Installation Design
J. Pray, K.P. McSweeney, ABS; C.W. Parker, Atkins Oil & Gas Engineering
1036-1058 25078 icon:HSE Reporting Practices for Close Call (Near Miss) Reporting Systems
B. Craig, R. Papillon, J. Curry, W. Zhu, Lamar University
1058-1120 25280 icon:HSE Human Factors in Hazard Analysis
B.R. Poblete, C.W. Parker, S. Ranasinghe, M. Gandhi, Atkins
1120-1142 25344 icon:MI Art, Science, and Engineering of Managing Offshore Field Development Economics and Risks
G. Chaudhury, A. Whooley, Wood Group Kenny
1142-1200 25125 icon:PO Jack-St. Malo Marine Operator Training Simulator
C. Hudson, Chevron; A. Rastogi, Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies, Inc.; T. Bhaumik, GVA North America

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